• Metal
  • Manufacturing
The main structures of aerospace products require the reliability of metal components. Caetano Aeronautic ensures machining of complex precision parts for the aeronautical structures market.
  • Composite
  • Manufacturing
Increasing restrictions on the weight and mechanical characteristics are now contributing to the increased use of composite components for aerospace equipment.
• 1000 m2 machining facilities
• 6 CNC machining centres
• Machining centre with pallet changing system
• Assembly Room
• Clean room sealants
• Metallic Parts Finishing Room
• 2 3D Control Equipment
Execution of 3, 4 and 5-axis high speed materials like aluminium, titanium and steel
Machining in vertical and horizontal centres.
Machine with changing heads
System fast changing parts
Execution of the following Non -Destructive Testing:
• Hardness Testing
• Conductivity test
• Three-dimensional and Manual measurement
• Visual Inspection
• 3000 m2 facilities
• 615 m2 clean rooms
• 1 Autoclave (max. Ø 3,5 m x L 8 m)
• 1 Automatic Cutting Wire Machine – Lectra
• 3 Laser projection equipment – Virtek
• Ultrasonic inspection systems Equipment
Method used in the manufacture of the small series of geometric complex elements by manual application on pre-impregnated fabrics mold and subsequent curing processes in the autoclave
Caetano Aeronautic ensures the quality of the composite elements through the execution of tests that ensure no deterioration of the inspected components. These tests are based on the application of the following technologies:
• Three-dimensional and Manual measurement
• Ultrasound