Certification is an irrefutable and concrete evidence of compliance with the quality management system requirements.

Caetano Aeronautic is certified according to EN 9100 and ISO 9001, the international standards for the quality management system.

The company works according to the most demanding requirements of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and the highest quality standards established by its customers.

Further to the compliance with the quality management system standards for the aerospace industry, Caetano Aeronautic is certified by the top-leading Tier 1 and OEMs companies.


The Company’s Quality Policy is built on the following key principals:

Customer – To develop a strong culture, oriented to the customer aiming to conquer its trust, strengthen our image and to be recognized as a reliable company, fulfilling its requirements.

Leadership – We see leadership as a requirement to achieve our values. We adopt a leadership style encouraged by our integrity and ideology.

Shareholders – Ensure the continuous improvement of our performance satisfies our shareholders.

Employees training – Promote the necessary training to all employees to ensure an ongoing process of acquiring knowledge.

Employees satisfaction and engagement – Promote and value people and teamwork, using a performance management in an upward communication and effective downward and active sharing of successes.

Partners and Suppliers – To develop an active collaboration with our partners/suppliers, promoting continuous improvement and achieving common goals.

Environment and safety – To practice a healthy management, working for a sustainable development, minimizing the environmental impact and reducing the risk, assuring the compliance with legal requirements.



Entity Title
AENOR ISO 9001:2015 Certificate
AENOR EN 9100:2016 Certificate
PRI/NADCAP Composites
PRI/NADCAP Non-Destructive Testing
PRI/NADCAP Chemical Processing (Painting)



Customer Title
OGMA                                                   Certificate of Approval
AIRBUS (Defense & Space)
Repair of structures manufactured from composite materials
AIRBUS (Defense & Space)
Painting application
AIRBUS (Defense & Space)
Leak testing in sandwich structures
AIRBUS (Defense & Space)
Ultrasonic testing
Installation and manufacture of structures made of composite material
Paints, Coatings, Sealant
Non-Destructive Testing Conventional
Non-Destructive Testing Automatic