January 2014
Caetano Aeronautic leads Clean Sky 2 in Portugal

Caetano Aeronautic assumes the leadership of the consortium of Portuguese companies for the project Clean Sky 2, an aeronautical research program to improve the environmental performance of air transport over the next 7 years, with a budget of EUR 3.6 billion euros.

This project is incorporated into the Horizon 2020 research and innovation program launched by the European Union that aims at increasing and creating work places in the European market.

The regional aviation traffic shall triple over the next 20 years. The manufacturing of 9,300 regional aircraft is also predicted, totaling 280 billion euros. Emerging and developed countries such as Russia, China and Japan have developed programs that are ready to be implemented within the regional aviation. With the entry of these programs on the market, the role of European industry tends to be reduced, which is why we need to invest in new technologies and take on the leadership of the worldwide market.

Caetano Aeronautic emerges as the main partner of one of the leaders of this project, EADS-CASA group. Portuguese companies involved in the consortium led by Caetano Aeronautic are Aertec, Almadesign, Edisoft, GMV, INEGI, ISQ, Optimal, Spin. Works, Active Space echnologies, Tekever and Critical Materials.